There are many other uses for our new software:

Collection of Rents – property management
    How easy it would be and how cost efficient to collect your tenants' rent automatically on the due date, directly out of their accounts. No late fees, No mailing hassles.

    Convenience for you and your tenants.
Utility , Cable Companies – Debit EFT
    Save time and money…just have your customers sign up to deduct your utility bill directly from their checking, and we’ll deduct their charge from their bank account each month, on the due date - not 15, 30 or more days later...

    …. no postage, no checks to write, no more late charges, no hassle. At absolutely no cost to your customer.
Electronic Donation Program
    Will provide your contributor a convenient donation program. It will specify where their donation is to be allocated. Your contributor can direct the donation program to deduct his or her contribution once, weekly or at any other interval.
Great for pledge drives -
    "pledge a one time donation of $50.00 or have it automatically deducted in 5 easy payments, of $10.00 each.

    Or, when your contributor authorizes weekly donations, their donation will be made even if they are unable to attend services.

    This will assist your organization in generating additional funds.
Accountants & Payroll Processors
    Use EFT for Windows to offer Payroll Direct Deposit and Automated Accounts Receivable Collection to your clients.

    Collect your own receivables automatically.
Collection Agencies
    Use EFT to provide greater recovery on payment arrangements without waiting for the "check in the mail". Use (RCK) to collect on "bounced checks".
Doctors, Dentists and Medical Practice Managers
    Have your patients who are on payment plans authorize you to debit their accounts for their monthly payments. Use in conjunction with your Electronic Insurance billing.
Billing Services
    Offer a great value added service to your customers by collecting their receivables automatically on the due date....not just by billing them.

These are only a few of the ways EFT can be utilized. Let us help you with your payment processing needs.