Want a better way to collect non-sufficient fund (NSF) checks?

Through the use of our software you can have it. We are not a collection agency. We, merely, supply the software to allow you the opportunity to recover quickly and efficiently the amount of the NSF check. By converting it into an EFT you can utilize these key benefits: quicker recovery, status tracking (i.e. NSF, stop payment), cost effectiveness.

RCK (Check Representment ) is the conversion of a non-sufficient funds (NSF) check to an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Not only can you collect the face value of the check, you can also collect the NSF fee charges after the electronic check has been collected. Check Representment allows businesses the opportunity to recover NSF checks automatically, in 5 banking days, if funds are available.

Under NACHA rules, a check can be represented twice electronically, giving you an extra pass to collect funds if they are not available the first time (three “tries” instead of two). In addition, electronic withdrawals are required to receive priority over paper items when the bank does their processing. This means if you represent the check electronically and someone else submits a paper check, yours will get paid first.

All you have to do is post notice either at the point of sale or on the customer statement, depending on the type of transaction in order to convert the returned check to an electronic item.

No more waiting 30 to 60 days to receive payment on bounced checks, thus allowing you to determine the most effective way to collect your funds.